Friday, March 19, 2021

May 8 Pelagic Update

 I am pleased to share the good news that our 6 hour pelagic from Newport on May 8 received sufficient sign-up this week to allow me to confirm this trip with the charter. This trip should allow us to witness the northward migration of Sabine's Gulls, jaegers, phalaropes (in their alternate plumage), as well as resident alcids. Our visiting tubenoses, particularly Black-footed Albatross, Northern Fulamr, Sooty Shearwater, and Pink-footed Shearwater, and perhaps Fork-tailed Storm-Petrel are also likely to be seen.  There are still a few spaces available at $115 a spot. 

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Possible Delays in Payment Confirmation

 If you have sent Oregon Pelagic Tours a payment and not yet received your confirmation, there is no cause for alarm. The West Linn Post Office closed in February, so all post office box holders must pick up their mail during business hours at the Gladstone Post Office. This is obviously not very convenient, so I will be making irregular trips to pick up my mail. No worries -- everything is secure, but there will be some delays. 

Monday, January 25, 2021


Please do not send any payment at this time. If interested, please go to the Reservation page, read all material, then send us an email with the name of participant(s), address, and cell phone number. 

Prices given are for cash and checks. Extra charges apply for PayPal payments. 

No credit card payments can be accepted. 

No February trip in 2021

May 8 (Sat.)– Spring Seabirds (6 hours) $115 -- this date is confirmed. 

July 17 (Sat.) – Summer Seabirds (6 hours) $115

August 15 (Sun.) -- Early Fall Seabirds (8 hours) $155

August 28 (Sat.) – Fall Deepwater (12 hours) $225

September 12 (Sun.) – Newport Fall Seabirds (8 hours) $155

*September 18 (Sat.) – Ilwaco Fall Seabirds (8 hours) (OBA) Price TBD

*September 19 (Sun.) – Ilwaco Fall Seabirds (8 hours) (OBA) Price TBD

*The two trips from Ilwaco are provided for the OBA annual meeting -- OBA members attending the meeting will be given priority for reservations. 

(Date TBD)– Shorebird Festival Pelagic (5 hours, Charleston) 

September 25 (Sat.) –Lane County Pelagic (10 hours)  $190

October 9 (Sat.) –Fall Seabirds (8 hours) $155

October 24 (Sun.) – Late Fall Seabirds (8 hours) $155

December 4 (Sat.) – Winter Pelagic (7 hours) $135