Friday, May 26, 2017

May 20 Trip -- Albatross to Storm Petrels

Oregon Pelagic Tours successfully ran our first trip of the 2017 season, our six hour Spring Seabirds trip.  Not having run a late spring trip for several years, we had a full boat, with nearly 40 passengers and guides.  We braved a bumpy ride and spray on the way out, but saw most of the expected species during the trip, especially enjoying breeding plumage Red and Red-necked Phalaropes, a real highlight for those of us who usually see these birds in their basic plumages in the fall or winter.  We motored out to Nelson's Island, about 24 miles west of Newport, where Black-footed Albatross and Fork-tailed Storm-Petrels put on a nice show at the slick, and a single Sabine's Gull paid us a short visit.  Oddly absent were any jaegers and Cassin's Auklets, and mammals were distant and in low numbers.  Still, we ended the day with happy passengers and crew, and will offer another short spring pelagic next year. 

Sunday, April 23, 2017

May 20 trip full!

We had gotten away from offering pelagic trips in the spring, as the past few had been difficult to fill. Apparently it was time to change that, or perhaps people were interested in another short trip (our typical trips are 8 to 12 hours), but in any case, I am very happy to announce that our 6 hour trip scheduled for May 6 is full.  If you are interested in a shorter pelagic, please register for the Cape Arago Shorebird Festival, and sign up for our 5 hour pelagic on Saturday, September 2nd. Other trips can be found on the Schedules page. Hope to see you on the water!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Intro to Pelagic Birding -- Coming in May!

Oregon Pelagic Tours is very happy to present a new tour in 2017.  The goal is to spot seabirds as they nest along our shores, migrate through our waters as they head north to their breeding grounds, or visit our offshore waters to feed.  This 6 hour spring tour is perfect for beginners and experienced pelagic birders alike. We will cruise to Yaquina Head to observe the seabirds breeding there, then head out to sea deep enough to observe the impressive albatross.  Come join us!