Thursday, December 5, 2019

December 7 Pelagic -- weather cancellation

The weather forecasts indicate that Saturday's pelagic would be at best a miserable trip, so after discussion with the charter office, the skipper, and another guide, Oregon Pelagic Tours will not be running the scheduled pelagic on December 7. Passenger safety and comfort will always be a priority. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Oregon Pelagic Tours 2020 Proposed Schedule

I am waiting to hear back from our charter, but here is the schedule Oregon Pelagic Tours is hoping to run in 2020. 

February  9 – Winter Seabirds (8 hours) (Pacific Seabird Group)
February 16 – Winter Seabirds (8 hours (Pacific Seabird Group)
May 31 – Spring Seabirds (8 hours) (Michigan tour)
July 18 – Summer Seabirds (6 hours)
August 16-- Early Fall Seabirds (8 hours)
August 29 – Fall Deepwater (12 hours)
September 12 – Newport Fall Seabirds (8 hours) (WINGS)
September 12 – Ilwaco Fall Seabirds (8 hours) (OBA)
September 13 – Ilwaco Fall Seabirds (8 hours) (OBA)
(Date TBD)– Shorebird Festival Pelagic (5 hours, Charleston) 
September 26 –Fall Seabirds (8 hours)
October 4 – Perpetua Bank Pelagic (10 hours)
October 24 – Late Fall Seabirds (8 hours)
December 5 – Winter Pelagic (7 hours)

December 6 -- Weather date for Winter Pelagic (7 hours)

Several groups have reached out to us to provide tours in 2020. These tours are not exclusive, and are open to all. 

We are hoping to keep our tour prices where they were, and will be setting them soon. 

December Trip Almost Full

Our December trip only needs good weather to be successful! We have a nearly full boat, a full complement of guides, and are just waiting on the weather.  Only 3 spaces left as of Thanksgiving Day.