It is the hope of Oregon Pelagic Tours to run its full schedule in 2021, assuming that the COVID-19 pandemic allows us to do so. Recognizing the realities of space on our boats, although we cannot require and crew to maintain a six foot distance from others, Oregon Pelagic Tours will adopt the following protocols suggested by the CDC and the OHA (Oregon Health Authority).

At least through the 2021 season, Oregon Pelagic Tours will:

Encourage distancing to the greatest degree possible. 

Promote the safety of passengers and crew by requiring all passengers and guides to bring their own face mask or other mouth and nose covering, including bandanas and neck gaiters. Oregon Pelagic Tours will NOT be able to provide masks or face coverings to passengers without one.  

Encourage use of face coverings while on the vessel. (Due to the current state mandate, we have changed this protocol to require wearing masks inside the cabin throughout the trip.) Neck gaiters and bandanas that cover the mouth and nose will be acceptable. 

Requests passengers cancel their trip due to feeling ill the day of, or if they know they have been exposed to COVID-19 within 2 weeks of their trip. In these cases, Oregon Pelagic Tours will offer a full refund or credit toward a future trip.

Encourage the use of hand sanitizers frequently during any trip.

Encourage passengers to receive the COVID vaccine. 

*Require every passenger to read and sign an agreement to abide by the protocols. 

*Bringing a signed copy of this agreement is NO LONGER required. 


I have read these policies and agree to abide by them. I understand that people in any public setting may run the risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus, and agree not to hold OREGON PELAGIC TOURS and its employees responsible if I become ill after my pelagic. 

Signature: ___________________________________________   Date: ________________

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