Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Summer/Fall Trips

Well, here at Oregon Pelagic Tours, we are gearing up for our fall season, offering a variety of different trips. Start making plans today to join us for an exciting day on the ocean. Please refer to the Schedule & Prices page for more detailed lists of expected bird species.

Our first trip is our only deepwater trip of  the fall, the 12 hour trip out of Newport on Sunday, August 16. This trip is our best shot for Leach's Storm-Petrel and Scripps's (formerly Xantus's) Murrelet, as well as the species mentioned on the schedule page.  Normally priced at $175, I still have two spots available at the early registration price of $160. Marine mammals, including humpback whales, Pacific white-sided dolphin, Dall's porpoise and northern fur seal seal are likely.

Two weekends later, we will run our first 8 hour trip of the late summer/fall.  This trip will also depart from Newport on Saturday, August 29 Sunday, August 30.  This trip is excellent for those wishing to see a large variety of seabirds, but not wanting to spend a full twelve hours on the ocean.Trip cost is $140.

The following weekend, on Saturday, September 5, we are proud to be part of the Oregon Shorebird Festival in Charleston.  This festival, run by U.S. Fish and Wildlife and the Oregon Coast National Wildlife Refuge Complex, offers interesting talks and excellent land-based field trips, led by experienced and enthusiastic birders, and we highly recommend it. Our pelagic trip offers the chance for beginners and veterans alike to spend a shorter amount of time on the ocean, while still providing the opportunity to see many pelagic species.Trip cost is $85. 

Our last 8 hour trip of the season will offered on Saturday, September 19, out of Newport. This trip is at an ideal time for seeing many of the pelagic birds that visit our waters, and who knows what unexpected bird might show up?  Cost is $140, with a couple of early registration spots at $130 still open.

We end our pelagic year with a trip to an "Albatross Hotspot", so-called because 4 species of albatross have been seen at this location. The northern edge of Perpetua Bank creates upwelings that provide nutrients to forage fish and other animals that pelagic birds feed on. We will visit this spot on Saturday, October 3.  Because of the time required to get there, this is a 10 hour trip. Cost is $150 to the first 10 paid reservations, $165 after.