Sunday, November 10, 2019

December 7 Pelagic Confirmed!

We reached the point where I felt comfortable confirming our last pelagic of 2019 with the charter office, and weather permitting, this trip will go. 
Why would anyone choose to go out on a NE Pacific pelagic in December? Several reasons. 
1. Winter pelagics are not that common, so we are still doing a little bit of exploration, and learning what birds are around this season. 
2. The past two years we have had three species of albatross (Black-footed, Laysan, and Short-tailed), and hope to repeat that again this year. 
3. We have an outside chance at a pterodroma, Mottled Petrel. Full disclosure: this species has been seen exactly once on pelagics off Oregon. We will be lucky to find this species, but our odds are a lot better on the boat than on land! 
4. We have a possibility of finding  Parakeet Auklet -- not an easy species to see south of Alaska. We had one last year. 
5. You get to do an Oregon Pelagic Tours pelagic! Friendly guides, who want to share their knowledge with you, and who look forward to making sure your day on the ocean is as good as it can be. 
There is still space available on this tour.  Join us on the ocean! 

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