Friday, July 31, 2020

August 16 confirmed, September 12 full, August 29 deepwater nearly there

I am happy to say that the August 16 and September 12 8-hour trips both have enough passengers that I was able to confirm them with the charter. Weather permitting, these trips will go. As of July 31, if all passengers honor their commitments, we have only one space available on August 16, and the September 12. is now full. (Update: 9/12 is wait list only.)
And for the first time, I am starting to feel confident that the August 29 12-hour trip will reach its minimum. We need 13, and as of July 31, have eleven committed, and three more interested. I hope to be able to confirm this trip soon. 
We are starting to have some interest in later trips, but if you want to be certain of getting out this fall on one of our pelagics, you may wish to contact Oregon Pelagic Tours right away. 

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