Sunday, January 16, 2022

Tentative 2022 Schedule

Here is the tentative Oregon Pelagic Tours schedule  for 2022 that I have proposed to our charter buisness in Newport. I will include prices and make any necessary changes after I hear back from them. In the meantime, I hope that this will enable everyone to start thinking about a pelagic with us this year. 

February 12 (Sat.) – Late Winter Seabirds  (a personal issue meant that this date no longer works) 

May 14 (Sat.)– Spring Seabirds (6 hours)  

July 2 or 9 (Sat.) – Summer Seabirds (6 hours) 

August 13 (Sat.) -- Early Fall Seabirds (8 hours) 

August 27 (Sat.) – Fall Deepwater (12 hours) 

September 11 (Sun.) – Newport Fall Seabirds (8 hours) 

September 25 (Sun.) – Newport Fall Seabirds (10 hours)  

October 8 (Sat.) –Perpetua/Heceta Bank* Trip  (10 hours)  

*Weather, ocean and other conditions may change our route. 

October 23 (Sun.) – Late Fall Seabirds (8 hours) 

December 4 (Sat.) or 5 (Sun. – weather date)– Winter Pelagic (7 hours) 

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