Friday, July 21, 2017

Looking forward to our fall season!

We are very excited to start our fall pelagic season.  All our trips still have places available, and each trip has something different to offer.
We have two 8 hour trips in August and September, generally considered the months of greatest diversity.  These trips are offered on August 26 and September 17.  We are at the peak of jaeger migration, and it is not unusual to see all four expected species of the family:  Parasitic, Long-tailed, Pomarine and South Polar Skua. We look for three species of shearwater, including the elegant Buller's.  It is a good time to see both our auklets and other alcids.  And while definitely uncommon, Laysan Albatross may be seen on any trip. 
Our 12 hour deepwater trip will look for the above species, but also offers us a chance a Scripps's Murrelet and Leach's Storm-Petrel. Our two deepwater trips in 2016 had one Hawaiian Petrel each, so we will hope to be that lucky again. This trip will take place on August 27. 
Finally, we are happy to provide a shorter 5 hour trip, especially offered for those wishing to see albatross and other ocean birds, but are not sure that they will enjoy a longer pelagic. This trip is offered as part of the Shorebird Festival in Coos Bay and Charleston. This festival is an enjoyable weekend of field trips, good speakers, and good birding.  If you have not yet been, you may wish to consider attending.  The pelagic will take place on September 2. 
Last, we will offer trips in October.  More on those later.  For prices, more information, and to register, please visit the Schedule & Prices page on this website.