Thursday, April 27, 2023

Some Oregon Pelagic Tours Dates

 Because people are getting anxious (me too!) and want to start planning, I am putting up the dates for the Newport trips on the website. I am waiting for confirmation on the Garibaldi dates. 

Newport trips:

Sunday, August 27, 10 hours

Saturday, September 9, 8 hours

Sunday, October 8, 8 hours

Saturday, December 2, 8 hours (possible weather dates Dec. 3 and 9)

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Oregon Pelagic Tours To Offer Trips in 2023!

The rumors circulating about the demise of Oregon Pelagic Tours are not true. OPT will be offering birding trips out of both Garibaldi and Newport between August and October in 2023. Dates have been proposed to both our charter partners, and we are waiting for confirmations.  As soon as that happens, we will post and schedule and prices. 

NEW: For the first time, we will also be offering  monthly short eco-tours to Three Arch Rocks National Wildlife Refuge (part of the Oregon Coast National Wildlife Complex). These will start in June. More details will be provided soon.