Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Poor Conditions Strike Again on 9/12/21

 When I got a call at 5:15 Sunday morning from our skipper, Rob Waddell, I feared the worst. Weather and ocean conditions, already marginal, had gotten that little bit worse, and our skipper was not happy at the prospect of going out. He was good enough to agree to get the Misty ready, and to allow me to talk with my guides and passengers on  the dock and get a consensus on canceling. We talked to our group, and given the conditions, the prudent decision to not try it was made. 

The guides and a number of passengers did go up to Boiler Bay, where we managed observations of several pelagic species during a three hour seawatch. 

Oregon Pelagic Tours never cancels lightly, but if safety is a concern, then sometimes we have to modify our plans, and bow to the whims of nature. However reluctantly. 

Thursday, September 9, 2021

8/28 Pelagic Tried, But Weathered Out

We had a full boat, and the captain of the Misty even got us out over the bar, but a worsening weather forecast made us and all the fishing boats turn around and come in. This is frustrating for everyone involved, but when the skipper decides he does not want to be out there, neither do we. The one light moment was when I later received an email with the "Ballad of the Edmund Fitzgerald" attached. Thank you for that.