Sunday, July 31, 2022


As of July 31, there are currently NO pelagic trips on the schedule for 2022. I am still exploring options with charters, for something in September, October and/or December, but as all administrative and organizational tasks are handled solely by one person who will be heading to South America, I was not able to make progress in getting anything arranged before my departure. 

I understand that this is disappointing to many, as it is to me. A couple of people have asked if they should try to set up their own pelagic trips this year, and I am now at the point where I think they should. I am grateful that they were thoughtful enough to keep me in the loop. 

I will have little to no access to the internet for the next couple of weeks. 

Oregon Pelagic Tours is NOT looking at shutting down permanently. I am looking at this as a time for both carefully examining our business model and exploring options of different ports and vessels.

Thank you for your understanding.  Tim

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