Monday, November 20, 2023

Report of Crown Princess Repo Cruise, October 20-22, 2023

Report of a repositioning cruise between Vancouver, B.C. and San Francisco aboard Crown Princess from October 19-22, 2023. People included 7 birders as part of an Oregon Pelagic Tours trip, and 11 birders from the Portland area and Central Oregon. This report only includes bird lists from the two at-sea days. The weather and ocean were very decent. The first day we were able to bird above the bow on Deck 8; the second day we began on Deck 8, but were asked to bird from Deck 7, the Promenade Deck due to concerns about high winds. The birding was not exactly hot, but most of the species expected this time of year were eventually seen by at least some birders. Both Black-footed and Laysan Albatrosses were seen, we had numbers of Pom Jaegers and one South Polar Skua, three species of shearwater, and the highlight, a Brown Booby! Mammal sightings were better, with Gray, Fin, Humpback and Minke whales seen, along with Dall's Porpoises, Common Dolphins, a possible beaked whale, an Elephant Seal and Northern Fur Seals.

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